About Me

Hi there! My name is Oliver Medill and I’m a public speaking coach, mentor and evangelist.

But that’s just a label.

What does this mean?

As well as speaking in public for a living, I know how important the ability to communicate – either live or on video – is, particularly in this information age, where anyone can reach out to huge numbers of people from any industry sector within seconds.

As well as this, I know that statistically, as well as through personal experience – public speaking scares the living daylights out of 9 out of 10 people.

It was recently voted mankinds greatest fear!

Oliver Medill Public Speaking Coach for All About Impact for mobile

I care passionately about my subject

Authentic communication has been the filter through which I have seen the world for the last 20 years. it’s my mission in life to help people not just to do it – but to LOVE it! 

I want people to relish the opportunity to ‘stand and deliver’ in any scenario

A little about me

I was a shy child. My early life was something that I got through rather than got ‘from’, until one day, as a young adult, I woke up to a grey life with grey prospects, that was much in need of some radical colour. I knew that I needed to challenge myself.

I knew that speaking in public was what scared me most and so, rather perversely, I realised that some form of people-facing career was what I needed!

So, after endless interviews, I ended up right in the deep end – working as a speaker for a leading agency, delivering speeches and training in mindset and soft skills to audiences large and small, week in, week out.

It was my live ‘boot camp’, where, in a live speaking environment, I would forge my skills and continue to feed my growing passion for public speaking – understanding what worked and what didn’t; what would help others and what wouldn’t.

Oliver Medill Public Speaking Coach for All About Impact for mobile

And heres the thing

During those years, I learned that my journey in confronting “Mankind’s Greatest Fear” – going from terror to triumphant – was something that everyone deserves to experience.

All about impact, my hub

It’s where the magic happens. Through this website, you will find lots of free content showing you the secrets that I have spent the last 15 years discovering; that you can:

  • Lose the fear of public speaking and learn to Love speaking and sharing your thoughts and experience either through a camera or live
  • Learn world class speaking and communication skills
  • Design your own content that is structured, engaging and simple to follow
  • Plan and prepare for each communication in a way that gives you peace of mind.
  • Grow your decision-making muscle and make procrastination a thing of the past.
  • Tell stories to engage and inspire others using a tried and tested structure and formula

As a special welcome, I’d like to offer you a free speech and presentation planner, complete with detailed instructions.

Click here for your free Audience SOLVER® E-Book.

Client Success Stories

Looking to extend our impact and influence, I engaged Oliver to work with myself and brand strategy team on transforming our presentation and speaking skills. The delivery and content were exceptional with all of us gaining not only confidence and practical tips to improve delivery but also new skills for life.”

Simon Scoot
Vice President Global Brand Strategy

We enjoyed Oliver’s high impact, high quality and highly participative session at our annual conference, gaining great new insights into compelling communication and engagement skills, along with understanding a great deal more about the importance and power of mental agility and resilience””

Jon Lowther
Global Head of Procurement
AB Mouri

The Impact Formula

I have recently written ‘The Impact Formula’, which hits the shops in January 2018.

The book revolves around the belief that public speaking – whether through a camera, or live – is something to be enjoyed!!

It’s an opportunity, not a curse – an opportunity to find your voice; an opportunity to express yourself, your beliefs, your experience and knowledge with huge conviction and authenticity.

I’d love to help you with that journey.

The Impact Formula Book by Oliver Medill Public Speaking Coach for All About Impact

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