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The Impact Formula Book by Oliver Medill Public Speaking Coach for All About Impact

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Living on the edge
My step-by-step guide from my popular workshop session for overcoming nerves ‘in the moment’.

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A Different Perspective
By changing the way we look at things, we have a capacity to see them in a more positive light and therefore seek more positive outcomes from any situation or event. It’s the importance of remembering that nothing has any meaning other than the meaning you choose to give it.

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1-hour live session with me, for book buyers only! Ask your most burning public speaking questions and get real-time answers and advice.

I truly believe The Impact Formula is unlike any other book on the subject of Public speaking strategy and design.

I didn’t want to write yet another book that covers the same old presentation tips. Why? Because the world is changing and the opportunities for promoting yourself and your products and services to the world via the internet is everybody’s business. The Impact Formula walks you through everything you need to plan, and deliver unstoppable speeches and presentations either formal or informal, large or small – or even virtual! — and gives you a roadmap to make it happen.

The Impact Formula details my no-nonsense approach to creating compelling speeches and presentations for any scenario, virtual or face to face, large or small. I share countless lessons learned from my 20 years as an actor, speaker and coach — including a few I’ve learned the hard way.

What you’ll learn

You’ll find step-by-step methods and straightforward advice that can be applied to any speech or presentation.

Here are just some of the things you’ll learn:

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  2. A methodology for distilling your skills, knowledge and experience into marketable content that is easy to learn, easy to follow and easy to teach.
  3. Lastly, it ensures that you are focussing on growth mentality; the critical importance of having the right mindset, self-belief, persistence and self-awareness to succeed. In addition, there is strong focus on all the necessary tools at your fingertips to ensure unstoppable confidence – whatever the situation – that will enable you to create the habit of self-development as a result.