“Serving and attempting to inspire others is a responsibility, not a choice.”

Bill Courtney

My story

Authentic communication

Authentic communication has been the filter through which I have seen the world for the last 20 years.

I’m Oliver Medill and it’s my mission in life to help people not just to do it – but to LOVE it!

I want people to relish the opportunity to ‘stand and deliver’ in any scenario.

As well as speaking in public for a living, I know how important the ability to communicate – either live or on video – is, particularly in this information age, where anyone can reach out to huge numbers of people from any industry sector within seconds.

My early life was something that I got through

I was a shy child. My early life was something that I got through rather than got ‘from’, until one day, as a young adult, I woke up to a grey life with grey prospects, that was much in need of some radical colour. I knew that I needed to challenge myself.

I knew that speaking in public was what scared me most and so, rather perversely, I realised that some form of people-facing career was what I needed!

After endless interviews, I ended up right in the deep end – working as a speaker for a leading agency, delivering speeches and training in mindset and communication skills to audiences large and small, week in, week out.

“speaking in public
was what scared me most"

It was my ‘boot camp’, where, in a live speaking environment, I would forge my skills and continue to feed my growing passion for public speaking – understanding what worked and what didn’t; what would help others and what wouldn’t.

During those years, I learned that my journey in confronting “Mankind’s Greatest Fear” – the fear of public speaking - going from terror to triumph – was something that everyone deserves to experience.


And this is me now, helping business leaders, entrepreneurs and managers overcome their own fear of speaking.

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