Conference Speaking

“Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Motivate, inspire and invigorate

Does your organisation need a boost of energy to motivate, inspire and invigorate your team?

According to an article in Forbes Magazine,

“The real purpose of a speech, is to get you, the audience, to do something differently, because the speaker has got you to think differently. The only reason to give a speech is to change the world, and world-changing starts with the audience right in front of the speaker.”

That’s exactly my purpose when I speak at a corporate event… to get my audience to change behaviour; do something differently through storytelling, humour and participative exercises.


Why choose me?

Before speaking at an event, I research my audience thoroughly to understand what THEY need and want to hear… because, let’s face it, no one wants to listen to something they can’t relate to. If it was me, I’d switch off if the speaker was talking about something that had nothing to do with me.

My talks at corporate events are tailored to meet your organisation’s needs. I’ll work closely with you to understand “why do you want me to speak at your event?” “What do you want to achieve through my talk?”

What I need to know:

• What business are you in?
• What challenges do you face?
• Who are we talking to?
• What do you want the audience to get out of the talk?
• What change do you want to see?

My Signature System

    1. Preparation
      A real blind spot for individuals looking to make a good first impression. My signature system guarantees your message will resonate with your audience, every time.
    2. Mindset
      Learn how to master an unstoppable mindset, self-beleif and self-awareness, no matter how challenging the environment. Bringing you confidence and enjoyment!
    3. Delivery
      Communication skills, with specialised techniques that will equip you with the ability to inspire and motivate others, taking your presentation to a whole new level.

“We enjoyed Oliver’s high impact, high quality and highly participative session at our annual conference, gaining great new insights into compelling communication and engagement skills, along with understanding a great deal more about the importance and power of mental agility and resilience.”

Jon Lowther

Global Head of Procurement, AB Mouri

It’s about hitting the EQ…

It’s about the feeling in the gut 
that will drive action…

My aim when I speak at corporate events is to stir a feeling of, “I want to try this… what do I need to do?” And when I see people sitting up on their seats, leaning forward, taking notes and interacting, I know we are on the right track to get them charged for change.

Sample clip from a recent conference

Oliver’s experience

I have worked with a diverse range of businesses, from large corporates to smaller owner-managed businesses.

Types of events

Whether it’s a corporate conference or a smaller event, my talks are tailored to suit your company’s needs and goals.

Locations & travel

I feel privileged to have been asked to speak regularly across the World, particularly in the US and the Far East.

Speaking Engagements

At all about Impact, we have 20 years of conference speaking experience. Our mission is to leave every audience feeling energised - and empowered with practical tips and techniques that they can use at once.

We will always tailor our speeches around you, but popular recent topics have included:

Mental toughness and resilience

A highly interactive session, outlining the challenges faced by organisations in a modern corporate climate, then exploring solutions and robust strategies for remaining in total control, even when the pressure is on.

Dealing with change

Change is constant - how we deal with change is the question. Using statistical research, this session outlines the huge challenges faced by individuals and organisations in a rapidly changing world.

It then goes on to provide tips and techniques for dealing with change, using exercises and participation to demonstrate how powerful the strategies are. The key here is to experience the way forward instead of just listening to someone on a stage.

Lead with passion

This session is about personal leadership. it is therefore for everyone, not just for 'positional' leaders. There is leadership within us all. The key is to find it and to be able to access it, especially when the pressure is on.

This highly interactive session provides bulletproof techniques for standing up and making a difference, particularly under pressure

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