“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin

Unleashing potential…

If you want to inject some urgency, motivation and dynamic energy into your conference, you need a great speaker with a great message.

If you need some lasting change around the communication within your business, whether internally for better cohesion or externally for better results in client-facing situations, then you need a workshop.

How it Works

A workshop looks to explore challenges and problem areas in detail and to work with individuals within the workshop group to make them better, stronger and more confident communicators.

The group dynamic works brilliantly here, as individuals can test out techniques in front of a small group of their peers in a safe environment.

Everything in a workshop is discussed first and then tested interactively, in line with best practice Accelerated Learning Principles (ALP).

Develop lasting change

The key differentiator of a great workshop is a learning journey with others who have similar challenges. In addition, each individual within the group gets practical experience of great techniques that work, which are videotaped for continued learning after the workshop has finished.

Refresher courses, or individual speaker coaching as a follow-up is often the perfect combination of processes for the material to be properly embedded.

Are you ready to spark positive and lasting change?

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A few things you might like to know about coaching

Do your workshops WORK?

As you can see from this page we have client testimonials that speak for themselves. At the end of each workshop, we encourage feedback from participants that we are more than happy to share with the client with prior agreement. Furthermore, we like to hold review meetings with the commissioning client after the event, to discuss both how it went and next steps. We pride ourselves in ensuring that each participant gets huge value from the sessions that we run and we are happy to refund your money if you feel that the process has not been valuable.

What topics do your workshops cover?

Planning and preparation, a resilient mindset, storytelling, influencing and communication skills, including rapport building and handling objections, together with extensive vocal and body language exercises. We also look to video participants delivering a message both at the start and then at the end of the session.

How many people per workshop?

This is the only area that we are fairly strict on. Generally, we restrict each group to a maximum of 8 participants, which gives each individual lots of focused personal development time. We do cater for larger groups, but this is dependent upon the topics covered and the level of the individuals themselves.

Can we just choose one of your workshops from ‘off the shelf’?

You can choose areas – or topics that you would like covered in your session, but each workshop is then tailored to your organisations context and situation. We have no ‘ready-made’ workshops, because we feel that they are too generalised in their approach.

How long do your workshops last?

How long is a piece of string? This entirely depends upon what your outcomes are for your participants. We have conducted lunchtime sessions for busy client-facing departments, who cannot spare a whole day – otherwise known as ‘espresso’ modules. At the same time, we also cater for board-level off-sites that can take three days. The duration of your workshop will depend upon your people’s needs, but we can tailor this entirely based upon a conversation with you.