“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin

Unleashing potential…

If you want to inject some urgency, motivation and dynamic energy into your conference, you need a great speaker with a great message.

If you need some lasting change around the communication within your business, whether internally for better cohesion or externally for better results in client-facing situations, then you need a workshop.

How it Works

A workshop looks to explore challenges and problem areas in detail and to work with individuals within the workshop group to make them better, stronger and more confident communicators.

The group dynamic works brilliantly here, as individuals can test out techniques in front of a small group of their peers in a safe environment.

Everything in a workshop is discussed first and then tested interactively, in line with best practice Accelerated Learning Principles (ALP).

Develop lasting change

The key differentiator of a great workshop is a learning journey with others who have similar challenges. In addition, each individual within the group gets practical experience of great techniques that work, which are videotaped for continued learning after the workshop has finished.

Refresher courses, or individual speaker coaching as a follow-up is often the perfect combination of processes for the material to be properly embedded.

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