Ever been totally inspired by a speaker or presenter? Want to know how to do it yourself?


engaging your audience

Traditional business presentations tend to be just about the transfer of information, which only engages the rational part of the brain and can lack sparkle.

If, on the other hand, you’ve ever listened to a speech or a presentation that has engaged you, the chances are that the speaker will have told stories during the speech that were relevant to the overall topic.

There is magic in a story – neuroscience tells us that the brain of the listener lights up like a Christmas tree when a story is told, engaging the emotional centre, which is where decision-making happens.

The solution? – The Storytelling Genie – A Great Process for generating your own stories in a simple process that will engage any audience.

The great news is that everyone has lots of great stories to tell – stories happen to us all, every day. We just need to pay attention to them.

The storytelling genie will help you to start this process – a simple yet highly effective means of generating content for your own stories.

So, grab your FREE guide to generating your own stories – the Storytelling Genie – and take your influence and Impact to a whole new level.