Is your progress towards your goals happening too slowly? Not sure where to focus your efforts?


Slow Progress

We are all creatures of habit, which means we live our lives on autopilot. Whilst this works in many ways, allowing us to multi-task, it also prevents us from recognising what our habits are, good and bad. If we are looking to improve our performance, it’s absolutely crucial to be aware of what it is we are doing on a daily basis that is helping us, so that we can keep doing it –  and what is not helping us, so that we can change our habits accordingly.

The solution? The Habit Spy – A Great Process for Raising Awareness of Your Daily Habits Towards Your Goals – it’s the hallmark of a peak performer.

The habit spy is a simple process for heightening your awareness of your daily rituals so that you can take control of your performance, rather than your habits controlling you.

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