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Body Language-Why It’s So Important In Public Speaking

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a body language gesture is worth a million. When you walk into a room, you already communicate many things to the audience without uttering a single word. People can see what your face, your eyes, your feet, hand and body are saying. Body language is crucial for any public speakers and there are many reasons why you should focus more on your body language if you want to become a successful public speaker.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Reasons That Body Language Is So Important In Public Speaking:

Show People What You Really Think- just a genuine smile could show your sense of wellbeing. You will appear more trustworthy, cooperative and approachable. If you say that you are excited about a product or an idea, people won’t believe that if you have a fake smile on your face. You need to make sincere eye contact with the audience and act the way you think.

Appear Authoritative- as a public speaker, you are controlling the show. With the proper body language, you can show that you are in control. You can sound authoritative by speaking in conversational and normal tone. Avoid having a voice that rises at the end of each sentence, this will sound like they seek approval.

Become Approachable- a good public speaker doesn’t keep a distance with the audience. They should appear to be approachable. A stern facial expression and intense gazes make you appear intimidating to the audience. Public speakers should stand in a relaxed position and stay focused when someone from the audience is speaking. Body language can easily become a physical obstruction that’s detrimental to any collaborative effort. By learning how to use body language, you can take away any unsuitable gestures that could create a barrier between you and the audience.

Tell Story More Effectively- you can use your hands and other parts of your body as storytelling tools. You can explain yourself in the best possible manner in front of the audience. People want to see your hands in any social situation. This way, people can better trust anything that you have to say.

Make Arguments More Compelling- body language can make your arguments a lot more compelling. Use hand gestures to strengthen an idea and emphasise specific points of your speech. People instinctively pay attention to gestures and body movements as well. If certain ideas are emphasised with body language, it’s more likely for people to remember your speech.

     Body language can be seen as an entirely different language that amplifies and augments your verbal language. As mentioned above, you are communicating with your body first. Once you speak, body language is often the only way to convince people and to get them to fully understand your ideas.

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