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“The difference between mere management and leadership is communication”

Winston Churchill

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Talk to the Hand

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The importance of body language

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How to Engage and Inspire Your Audience

I was giving some coaching to a very senior executive a little while ago, who was preparing…

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How to bring the authentic ‘you’ to your presentations and speeches.

“Be yourself; everyone else is taken” – Oscar Wilde In a survey conducted a little while ago…

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Want to Create Massive Value and Build Your Brand?

Here’s How to Create Your Own Intellectual Property and Add Huge Credibility to Your Ideas and Products

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Engage ANY Audience in ANY situation Here’s your key to Storytelling: Neuroscience’s 21st Century Answer for Influencing others

The critically important art of positioning yourself as a credible subject matter expert and a ‘go-to’ authority in your field, has several options and for many

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Here’s How to Become 100% Response-able and Take Control Of Your Life and Your Career

How often in life do we bemoan the fact that we have been the victims of sharp practice, bad luck or that life is conspiring to put us under and keep us there?

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Are you indecisive?

Here’s a Great Way to Turn Procrastination Into Proactivity by Building Your Decision-Making Muscle.

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